For the last 6 years my husband and I have lived together in London, he was already living down here in August 2011 and I moved down in search of a new job and the excitement of the City. We both grew up in the Countryside surrounding Stratford-upon-Avon. I landed myself a job working for a brand new theatre, that was merely a building site at the time. In the 6 years we have bought our first home, got our beautiful dog Millie, Mike quit being a lawyer in the City to pursue his music, we got married and have toyed with the idea countless times (our friends will confirm) about whether or not we should move back to the Countryside. Last week I finished at the theatre seeing it from a building site, to the well established St. James Theatre to its acquisition by Andrew Lloyd Webber and finally its re-opening as The Other Palace. It seemed the logical time to move on as I can now say I have opened not one but two Central London theatres! So what’s next?

Well now it gets exciting / nerve-wracking. I have become particularly concerned/obsessed (my family might call it!) with climate change, the environment, ethical fashion and green living over the past few years which I think has been particularly influenced by my developing relationship with my other love, yoga. Mike and I always had a dream of being able to develop the way we work so that we could be anywhere in the world but continue to do our work as in this technological age it seems you should be able to work anywhere as long as you have internet. So in December 2016 we made the bold decision that we would leave London and embark on nomadic living, I’m not entirely sure how the idea came about but I know the moment when Mike was convinced by this hair brain idea. It was when I showed him the Instagram account of the Rolling Home – a young  creative couple who travel around Europe in their camper van, splitting their time between the camper van and their design Studio. Suddenly Mike’s vision of OAP’s sipping tea all day long was transferred to cool young creatives seeing the world and making a living whilst they did it – huzzah! The plan is that I will continue to grow Eastern Promise and try and pick up bits and bobs of freelance graphic design work and Mike (a composer will have a mobile Studio set up.

So last month we found our motorhome on Ebay and tootled off down to Poole to pick her up (Yes she is a her but we’re still searching for a name – ideas welcome!). It took quite a bit of planning and searching to find the right van for us – I’ll write / put up some vlogs about this soon. She is now sat proudly on the drive – SORN because it turns out we’re in the London Emission Zone and so need to pay the princely sum of £100 a day to have her here! – thank goodness our neighbour let us know. I have one month to tart her up, clear the house and sort out how this is all going to work, oh and turn 30 in the middle of it! So come on the journey with us! I think there are going to be highs and lows so would be nice to have some support from the online community.



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