As with all things I had great intentions of writing regular blog posts of our motorhome adventure developing but what i didn’t realise was how insanely busy we’d be and how much longer everything would take than we planned!

So here we are 3 months later and what a lot there is to tell! So I though best to break it down into different blog posts that i plan to write (ahem) over the next few weeks to get back up-to-date. So we’ll start with where I left off – a blank canvas of a motorhome as pictured below:

Our swift kon-tiki motorhome before her make over
Our swift kon-tiki motorhome before her make over

As you can see with a 26 year old motorhome we had a very dated interior with wood veneer EVERYWHERE, unsightly pinky orange curtains, ugly as hell upholstery and some sultry smoky odours and cigarette butt burns from previous owners.

I have a degree in interior design so my creative juices were instantly flowing, i did some mock-ups in photoshop, we went to various fabric shops, looked up the price of re-upholstery, curtain making and more.

In the end we decided it was best not to get too carried away and that we should do the bare minimum to make it feel homely and ‘us’, live in it for a while and then see whether we wanted to spend any big money on re-doing the interior.

So I set to work and with the help of some great podcasts (yoga girl and serial) to keep me sane through endless painting, cleaning and curtain dyeing and in roughly 3 weeks we had our new home. Here’s a video peak into the transformation:

So what did we do?

In the ‘lounge’ we painted all the walls and kick boards in a cream Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which was great as it’s so thick it hardly drips like normal emulsion paint would. Mike polished and cleaned all of the cupboard knobs to take off 26 years of grimy fingers and I dyed all the pinky curtains with Dylon. They were meant to be a pewter grey but with the pink ended up more of a purply grey but we’ve got used to them! We used a purple Annie Sloan paint to do the cupboard doors and the inside of our ‘library’ cupboard!

In the ‘dining’ room we found this fab yellow oriental wallpaper in Wilko and Mike did a great job of wallpapering. However, the temperature changes mean that the paste hasn’t really worked so we have had to pritt stick the paper back in certain places. However, it has totally transformed that area of the van so we’re chuffed. We removed the curtains from this area as they didn’t seem necessary. We painted the dining table and kick boards a bright white gloss, removed the upholstered head boards and bought some black and white patterned throws from Homebase which work so well.

In the ‘kitchen’ I created a black board using black board paint. I painted all the cupboards and fridge in Annie Sloan White Paint and gave this area more of a distressed feel by sanding off some of the paint. I then painted all the other walls a bumble bee yellow from Wilko but sadly they ran out of this paint in store before i finished the job so the wall by the front door had to become purple in the end.

We bought some off the shelf Homebase stripy curtains to divide the cab and living space area at night and another one to divide the ‘bedroom / lounge’ and ‘kitchen / dining room’ at night so that our dog stays in a separate space (although I have found her on quite a few occasions laying right by me!)

And finally we carpeted the whole space and put a new welcome mat at the front door. We just went to our local carpet shop and picked up an off-cut for £50 with free front door-mat 😉 not bad for a whole home!

The Photos

I hope this might have inspired you to take on your own motorhome interior design project.



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