After reading a short essay on the history of yoga by renowned yoga scholar, Dr. Georg Feuerstein I was introduced to modern day yoga guru Meera Ma (Mother Meera) who is said to be an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother on earth.

Originally from Southern India, she communicates her teaching through silence via her simple presence and now bizarrely resides in a quaint village in the German Black Forest where every year she attracts thousands of people from all over the world. I had to find out more!

Luck had it that Meera Ma was embarking on a rare UK tour, so I swiftly signed up to attend her Darshan in London.

27 May 2015

I arrived with my freshly washed hair (requested by Meera Ma) and was greeted by a myriad of people from all walks of life and of all ages. After signing in I perused the offerings in the gift shop, filled with Meera Ma souvenirs –books, postcards, incense, keyrings, CD’s, calendars and more. I then took my seat in the main hall.

Mother Meera gift shop souvenirs
Mother Meera gift shop souvenirs

When Meera Ma walked on stage, the 200 or more people in the hall rose to their feet and offered her a silent Namaskar. Once she was seated, adorned in her deep red and gold sari, everyone else followed. Each person then took it in turn to kneel before her and be given their individual Darshan.

When it was my turn, I knelt in front of her (‘Pranam’) with my hands on her feet (over her sari) and she held my head. Here she is working on the subtle energy of our inner system, trying to free up blocks and knots that may be preventing spiritual development.

She then released my head and I sat up and looked into her eyes (‘Darshan’), this is where she searches for area in our being where light is needed, giving us energy, purification and inner healing.

Once she looked down I bowed my head, got up, returned to my seat and waited for the other 200 people to do the same ritual. Meera Ma ended the proceedings with a few minutes of meditation and was seen off stage with a final Namaskar.

The whole experience was very peaceful; to be surrounded by 200 or more people for 2 hours in total silence is a rarity and quite a powerful thing in itself. The Darshan was powerful but for me, not enough to move or stir anything within me that I hadn’t felt before.

If you’d like to find out more and perhaps experience Meera Ma for yourself go to her website

Mother Meera - Guide to Darshan
Mother Meera – Guide to Darshan



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