For a while now I have been writing my blog very infrequently, always wanting to write a detailed, informative piece about the East to inspire and increase readers knowledge on everything from yoga to ethical fashion. Whilst i love writing these pieces, I think it’s also time to let you know more about me, the person behind the illustrations, and create something a bit more down-to-earth. I want to share my passion for living an eco friendly and ethical lifestyle and let you come with me on my journey as i endeavour to do this – as it’s bloody hard! Especially when you’re a meat eating busy Londoner used to convenience and being spoilt for choice with fashion, food and entertainment on your doorstep 24/7. It’s also seriously hard when you’re also trying to create a business with no funding, few contacts or resources and trying to do everything as eco friendly, ethically and cost effectively as possible – it’s an absolute minefield. So stick with me and lets learn and grow together.


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