Eastern Promise began life in January 2015, I had got married in September 2014 and started a part-time masters course at UCL in Urban Studies. After 3 months I just knew it wasn’t for me and whilst making the decision to leave the course I started creating some illustrations as Christmas gifts – incorporating the henna patterns of India that i loved so much into the drawings. I thought to myself “there’s something in this” and so from January 2015 onwards I dedicated 2 days a week to Eastern Promise (the other days I was doing graphic design for a central London theatre). I have always loved the East ever since my first trip to Japan in 2005 (read more about that here.) EP has then just organically developed with very little investment (as I was terrified of spending too much money) over the last few years. In December 2016 my husband Mike and I reached a major decision (blog post to follow soon) and so in 3 weeks time I will no longer work for the theatre and Eastern Promise will be my full time occupation! *nervous freak out face*

So I felt it was time for a little bit of soul-searching, as to what exactly Eastern Promise stands for and the direction i want to take with it all.

So i spent a whole day creating a mahusive brainstorm and here are my conclusions:

Eastern Promise is fundamentally about questioning our consumerist Western ways and whether Eastern / alternative ways of living might bring us more happiness. Ultimately it is about helping one another to find the life that makes us happiest and treating others and the planet kindly in the process. I want to make it a more personal journey and i hope this creates a lovely community.

I aim to achieve this through:

  • Writing about my journey of trying to become more eco friendly / green and sharing it with all of you to encourage you to join me.
  • Aiming to find inner happiness through thinking and living a healthy, active, ethical, green lifestyle.
  • Challenging the status quo, i.e. Eastern Promise stands for an alternative way of living to the Western consumerist, capitalist ways we are so used to.
  • Bring beautiful products into your life with eco & ethical credentials that you can then tell friends about / give to family and continue to spread the message about eco / ethical / alternative ways of living.

Let’s do this!


Katy Gunn in Tokyo, Japan
Me in Tokyo, Japan Summer 2005

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