Today is the International Day of Happiness, but what exactly is it I hear you ask?

It’s a day to be happy, of course! It all began in 2013 when the United Nations declared a dedicated day to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. The day is also about highlighting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a global plan of action that, if achieved, will lead to the well-being of all people across the world. These 17 interlinked goals, adopted by the 193 Member States of the United Nations, protect our people and our planet so that everyone, no matter where they live, can live their happiest lives. 

Last year I created a short spoken word film called ‘Climate Change: Our Impending Global Crisis’ for the Film4Climate competition run by the World Bank Group and the United Nations. My aim was to highlight some of the small things you can do in your life that can really make a difference and help bring worldwide happiness. I hope you like it:

Also worth reading is the United Nations ‘Lazy person’s guide to Saving the World‘ which explains what you can do from your sofa, home and/or office.

You can join the Action for Happiness movement by making a pledge here. You get a free Happiness Guidebook which is a great tool for figuring out what truly makes you happy.

Please share this and lets help make the world a happier place.


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